The Story Behind the Name

          Not too long ago, The Sol Brand was only an idea. The idea was simply to bring the world to you. It is too often, nowadays, that you find people who are too caught up with their own lives to enjoy the beauty our world has to offer. Many people never get to venture out and see the wonderful cultures that make our world what it is. It is not always their fault: people have obligations and cannot just pack their bags and travel halfway across the world whenever they want. More so, in today’s day and age, too many people are afraid to embrace others’ differences and celebrate them. We want to show the world that our differences are what make this world so amazing. If you’re reading this, you are one of the few that can understand what we’re all about.

          But wait. Sol isn’t a Hindi word? It isn’t even English! So where did our name come from?


          The vision of our brand is to connect our customers to as many cultures as possible, therefore we wanted to use a word that was used by many, and everyone could connect with. Sol, Soul, Sole. They all sound the same but mean different things.

Sol: We all have one. Just one. We all share it. We all love it. It is the Spanish word for “sun.”

Soul: We all have one. Just one. We all cherish it, because it is our own.

Sole: This word has multiple meanings, one of them being the bottom of your shoe, and the other meaning alone, just you. We want our brand to be unique, we want to be the "sole" brand that stands out among the rest. We are The Sol Brand. 

          If you got all the way to this point, we want to thank you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope you can vibe to our mission, our vision, and our Sol.

For getting all the way down here, we want to give you a gift. Use the code ABOUTUS for something special when you check out!